Scientific Awards

The Transplantation Society and the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement are pleased to announce the recipients of their 2017 Congress Scientific Awards.

The awards will be presented in conjunction with the ISODP General Assembly on Friday, September 8th from 18:00 to 19:00, in Room 3

Click on the abstract titles below for full abstract descriptions.


TTS Awards

Mahmoud A. Ali, Egypt

340.7    Does donor-recipient genetic relationship have an impact on outcome of living donor liver transplantation?

Camilla S. Hanson, Australia

340.5    The lived experience of ‘being evaluated’ for organ donation: focus groups with living kidney donors.

Marzieh Latifi, Iran
320.4    Using the theory of planned behavior framework for designing interventions related to organ donation.

Meysam Mojtabaee, Iran

260.3    Update on causes of family refusal for organ donation and the related factors: reporting the changes over 6 years.

Mohan P. Patel, India

345.1    Why poor organ donation? A survey with focus on way of thinking and orientation about organ donation among clinic attendees and dialysis patients’ relatives.


ISODP Awards

Masud M. Iqbal, Bangladesh

345.9   Knowledge, attitude and perception (KAP) about renal transplantation of CKD patients and their care givers.

Kalina Jedrzejko, Poland

400.4   Kidney exchange programme in Poland.

Kiran Jang Kunwar, Nepal

P.140   Identifying risk severity using proposed “Wuhan Chart (risk severity scale)’’ in deceased donor kidney transplantation.

Mayur V. Patil, India

260.6   Basic fundamental family care given to prevent morbidity in renal transplant recipients of India

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